28 sierpnia 2011

what should jump into your wardrobe

Meanwhile all of the stores in NYC are closed due to the weather conditions (hurricane Irene), I decided to write a list of brands that you need to shop to look absolutely fabulous.

And my winners are:

- J.Crew
(absolutely fantastic - New York style with all of these glitter and high-quality fabric pieces)

- Kate Spade
(If you want to be distinguished in crowded New York streets, choose something colorful from her collection - both accessories and clothing are worth spending your money!)

Ralph Lauren (preppy looks)

- Madewell
(have you already seen what Alexa Chung designed for them?)

- Vince (love them for t-shirts!)

- John Varvatos
(this brand is dedicated to a blogger from www.simplyalifestyle.blogspot.com - check out his blog where there is a whole post about John Varvatos)

- Abercrombie
(more for men... or college girls, they have the best colors I've ever seen, double or even triple washed)

- Zara (huge variety, cheap and absolutely in fashion!)

For sure, I could add more stores to this list but those names are essentials that create a decent base of your closet. What else would you add?

...and now I'm about to put on my Hunters and face the weakening storm!

1 komentarz:

  1. Dziękuje bardzo za ten post :)
    Zgadzam się co do Vince, ich t-shirty są świetne :) A Zara to wiadomo, niemalże klasyk ;)


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